Photography becomes an addiction. I hovered on the edge for many years. I think it finally grabbed me when I bought my first camera beyond the point and shoot variety. I saw what could be realised with half reasonable equipment and I was gone.

My work with images has recently been moving in a new direction. I am now interested in exploring my work in a more creative and abstract way. I will still be doing the “normal” images as you will see in the links further down this page, but more of my time is being taken in this new direction. The following links will allow you to explore the new work.

New Directions
New Directions2
Island Portfolio, Island Portfolio2, Island Portfolio3, and Island Portfolio4, provide an extensive look at my images on all facets of Kangaroo Island.

Pelican Sightings….. and Pelican Sightings2…. will give you a comprehensive view of these fascinating creatures

I upload images primarily to a site called SmugMug. The following link will give you access to all of my galleries there.

Dean Wiles at SmugMug
My Flickr Page contains a lot of my images, and is easy to scroll through with a nice interface.

I also have a Facebook page called

…Images from a Different Perspective…. Just click on the Facebook Logo below.
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